Trustee week

November 13 – 17th is Trustees’ week and this seems a good time to thank all our Trustees for their continued commitment and support to our charity.

Trustees do make a very valuable contribution to any charity and we mustn’t forget that they are all volunteers and give their time for free. They play an important role making decisions about the work and ensuring charities flourish and move forward.  Across the UK there are over one million Trustees supporting over 196,000 charities.

We have 11 Trustees from the police, criminal justice system and High Sheriffs. We couldn’t do without them and on behalf of my team, would like to thank them for their continued support and dedication.

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Out and about in the dark?

Now that the clocks have gone back and it gets darker much earlier, more of us are returning home in the dark unfortunately!  Bring back Summertime!

If you regularly walk home in the dark, please do consider your safety at all times:

– be aware of your surroundings and look confident

– use well lit busy streets and routes that are familiar to you, avoid short cuts down alley ways etc

– hide any valuables so they are not on view, including mobile phones

– buy a personal attack alarm – they are not expensive – but do not bury it at the bottom of your bag,  have it handy to use if necessary.  They do make a very loud noise when activated and give you a chance to run away.


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Clocks changing – don’t get caught out!

With the clocks going back this weekend, the nights unfortunately will be getting darker much earlier. Why we have to change the time I really don’t know – I much prefer lighter evenings.

We also have upon us Halloween, Bonfire night and how many days is it before Christmas?  It does mean that more people are going out to various events and shopping and leaving their house  unoccupied.  There are others who do not wish to have “trick or treaters” coming to their doors.  If going out with children do only knock at houses where you know you will be welcome.  The Police have created a poster displaying a “no trick or treating” notice which can be downloaded from their website

Do take some simple precautions to protect your home, because burglars will use these opportunities to “shop” for their Christmas presents at your expense!!

  • ensure your home is well lit at all times, by using timer switches inside and external lighting outside
  • always lock your doors and windows
  • set alarms
  • keep valuables out of view and register them on

Please take care and have a crime free lead up to Christmas!

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Speed dating – no – speed networking!


I attended the B2B event last week held at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough that was organised by the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce. The event brought many local businesses together to promote their products and make new connections.

As well as visiting many of the stands and talking to local businesses about the Bobby Scheme, I also attended their speed networking session. I have only ever heard of speed dating and never taken part in these – honestly!  So it was a totally new experience and something I wished I had prepared beforehand! I sat down in my seat and the lady next to me had come with bottles of water, packets of mints and business cards.  She had done this before! I sat facing another lady when the bell rang – both of us had one minute each to talk about our organisation. The bell rang again, we swopped business cards and I moved to the next seat and it all began again.

After half an hour repeating myself many times and talking fast I started to lose my voice and I realised why the bottles of water and mints are a necessity! After receiving a glass of water from one of the organisers my voice returned.  After an hour the bell rang to end the session. Phew!!!!!! I was exhausted from both listening and talking.  But what an excellent way to promote your organisation to many other people in such a  short space of time.  I will definitely do this again but make sure I’m better prepared!


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Purse thefts!

There have been a number of purse thefts in town centres and in supermarket car parks. One lady had put her shopping in the boot of her car, including her handbag, thought she had locked the boot and went to take the trolley back. Unfortunately the boot wasn’t locked and in the space of a few minutes someone had opened the boot and stolen the handbag! The bank cards in her bag could be replaced but not the diary she kept with all her contact details and those of all her friends, as well as family photographs.

Please do be vigilant and be aware of anyone standing too close to you or watching you.  These offenders, who are working in groups, are very professional at what they do.  Don’t give them the opportunity to steal your purse or handbag  There are simple precautions you can take:
• Be aware of people around you when out and about
• Carry your bag close to you with the opening facing inwards
• Keep your bag closed so that your purse cannot be seen
• Don’t carry valuables or large sums of money. Spring clean your bag regularly
• Never leave your bag unattended, particularly in shopping trolleys
• Spread your possessions about – carry your keys in your pocket. Never carry PIN numbers with any cards
• Don’t place your wallet in a back trouser pocket

We do visit victims of these thefts, particularly if address details were in the handbag. As well as carrying out a full security check of the home and fitting devices we also will supply purse cables and purse bells.

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New Bobby!

At last –   we are back to full strength!  Andy Cleathero has now joined our small team.

Andy has replaced Jeff as our new Security Advisor.  He will be working in the north of the county – Peterborough, Fenland and Huntingdonshire.  Andy, who previously worked at HMP Peterborough, brings with him many relevant skills and in his past life worked for Fairline Boats as a carpenter/boatbuilder.

We are delighted to welcome Andy to our small, select team and hope that he finds the job as satisfying and rewarding as we all do. 

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Apologies to everyone who is waiting for a visit from the Bobby Scheme. Unfortunately now that Jeff has moved on, we only have one Security Advisor, Steve.  Steve has been on holiday for the last two weeks and when he comes back on Monday he will have to cover the whole county until Andy, our new member of staff, starts on September 19th.   This does mean that there will inevitably be some delay in the visiting times.  We have always prided ourselves on getting to see victims of crime within 48 hours in most cases as we know how traumatic the impact of the crime has upon victims.

We can’t apologise enough for any inconvenience we have caused because of the delay but do hope that you all understand and appreciate the difficulties we are experiencing!  Normal service will resume in a few weeks time – I promise!

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