Owlprotect.uk has been set up by Online Watch Link and is run by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers. NHW helps raise awareness of crimes and scams in local areas and their on line shop offers a range of affordable security products.  One of their items is the Patlock – a protection device for patio/French doors. As many burglaries occur at the rear of the property via the patio door, the padlock locks doors securely and easily.  The website is selling the device for £42.50 with free delivery.

Owlprotect.uk has kindly agreed to donate £5 to the Bobby Scheme for every padlock sold via their website in Cambridgeshire.- – www.owlprotect.uk

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Dementia Awareness Week

This week is Dementia Awareness Week and the  Alzheimer’s Society is asking everyone across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to unite against dementia. Their website states that:

Dementia is set to be the 21st century’s biggest killer. But awareness and understanding remains low and many families are facing it alone.

That’s why, during the Week, we want everyone to come together and take action. By uniting, we can raise awareness, offer help and understanding, improve care and urgently find a cure.

The Bobby Scheme would like to support this week and unite the local community against dementia at the Safer Homes event being held on May 24th at Hampton Police Station. Jeff will be available to not only give security advice but also share information about dementia.

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Feedback Friday

It seems such a  long time since I posted any feedback we have received – even though we do get positive comments back on a daily basis!

We recently received a lovely letter from a lady who had been a victim of an attempted burglary with the offenders banging on her window. As a result of the incident the lady had suffered a heart attack and been admitted to hospital.  We visited when she came out and fitted a range of security devices to help her feel much safer. She sent us a lovely letter saying “a sincere thank you for arranging a visit to my house to make it so very secure. I am now so much more settled and happy”


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New Arrival

This is nothing to do with the Bobby Scheme but it’s the only thing I am thinking about at the moment – I am a grandmother for the first time!!!  My daughter had a beautiful baby daughter last night – after a very long, painful labour.  Mother and daughter are doing well.

I am in the office waiting very excitedly for this afternoon when I can visit them both – I can’t wait!

Normal service will resume nest week!!

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Tesco Bags of Help scheme

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to local community projects.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags.  [ http://www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp ]

The Bobby Scheme has been selected to be one of 3 charities in the region to go forward to a vote in Tesco stores where their customers will decide the outcome by voting for their favourite project each time they shop. Voting will take place from May  7th to June 30th .  The project with the highest number of votes across your region will receive up to £4,000, the second placed project up to £2,000 and the third placed project £1,000.

Our project is to supply and fit key safes for vulnerable adults in the county who are unable to pay for them.  Key safes allow carers to access the home and enable the person to remain in there rather than go into residential care. They also allow hospitals to discharge patients quickly and stop bed blocking. Many older people are unable to purchase and have fitted a keysafe and often leave their external doors unlocked, even at night. This leaves them very vulnerable and potential victims of crime. Fitting a keysafe will improve the health, quality of life and safety of vulnerable adults and help them to remain independent

The stores that are taking part in our project are:






To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.

The voting will start on May 7th .Please do shop in these stores during May/ June and vote for the Bobby Scheme. If you know of anyone else who may shop at Tescos, please do tell them to vote

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Bobby Scheme launches new donation page to raise funds

This week the Bobby Scheme has launched a new donation page in a bid to gain some fundraising support.

Our Crowd Funder page aims to raise awareness of the Bobby Schemes work and our ambition to raise funds whilst providing residents and local businesses with a place to easily make donations.

With more donations, we aim to expand our service and provide support to even more people who may benefit from the Bobby Scheme.

Every day, we proactively contact vulnerable victims of crime from across the county to offer free security equipment and safety advice.

Jeff and Steve, our two Security Advisors, work alongside Cambridgeshire Constabulary and mainly help protect the homes of victims who are elderly, disabled or at risk of domestic violence.

Securing a whole house for free typically costs us £150 and so we’re appealing for support from local residents and businesses to help keep our service going.

With more funds, we hope to secure even more homes to help victims of crime restore peace of mind.

Any contribution, no matter how big or small, really can go a long way in helping us protect the homes that need it the most.

Nobody deserves to feel frightened in their own home and that’s exactly why the scheme is so important; we help people feel safe again.

Since launching in 2001 we have secured the homes of more than 25,000 vulnerable burglary victims throughout the county and are proud to hold a repeat victimisation rate of less than 1%.

Any donation made via our Crowd Funder page will be so gratefully received and those contributing will receive some fantastic prizes as a token of our appreciation. Visit our Crowd Funder page to see what you could get – http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/keeping-the-vulnerable-safe/




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Expectant news!

Easter is now over and summer will soon be upon us – hopefully it will bring some lovely sunny, warm weather as well!  I am also waiting eagerly and excitedly for two deliveries in the next few weeks – my daughter is expecting next week and my daughter-in-law in 5 weeks time! My first grandchildren!  I can’t wait!!

Why am I talking about babies I hear you ask and what have they to do with crime and crime prevention!  I’ve just listened to a feature on the use of social media and how vulnerable children can be to it. It has made me think about my two innocent grandchildren to be and soon to be brought into the world we live in. Raising two children  isn’t going to be easy  – the world can be a cruel and dangerous place to live – bullying, cyber crime, drugs, knife crime, to name but a few!   Fortunately crime in Cambridgeshire is low.  However, children do still need to be careful and taught about crime prevention and how to stay safe. Crime and victimisation will possibly happen around them – and they need to take simple precautions and have the confidence to talk to professionals in order to protect themselves and stay safe.

Working in the field of crime prevention I do have a good understanding of the dangers that exist but also in how to stay safe.  I shall definitely be using this knowledge to play my part in ensuring my grandchildren are kept as safe as possible but still enjoy what life has to offer them!

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