Feedback Friday

It’s over a month since I last gave you some of the comments we receive from people we have visited, so thought it about time once again ……

Steve and Jeff always carry out a thorough security assessment when they visit and will always fit as many security devices as is necessary, obviously in consultation with the homeowners.  Many people we visit are amazed at the level of service we provide, the professionalism, expertise and knowledge that Steve and Jeff have and the amount of devices fitted. These are some of their most recent comments:

The scheme has helped me in a way that I feel much more secure in my home.  I also feel that far more was done than I could have imagined”

“First class service. We were not expecting such a thorough, high class service and we are delighted”

“Oh my goodness – I feel really safe. I cant get over what you have given me”

If you would like a visit please do contact us on 01480 413311 or email us on




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Suresafe Alarms

This week, I am going to talk about the Suresafe alarms that are on the market to help people live more independently and safe in their own homes.  The company have different products to choose from – the one we have seen and like is the one for Family and friends. this device contacts family and friends in an emergency. For one purchase price – there are no installation costs or monthly fees – an alarm button will call chosen emergency contacts.  I have a friend who has recently purchased one of these for her mother – she chose a wristband alarm button – and is delighted with knowing that her mother is able to contact her whenever she needs help.

There are other alarms, such as 24/7 Connect, a monitored service, or SuresafeGo which offers protection wherever you are – at home or out and about.

If you are interested in any of the devices that I have written about please do contact us for more information.sq-suresafe_box


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Home Protection Device

We are always looking out for new and interesting security products that we can raise awareness of to help secure homes and keep people safe.

There are two products that I would like to mention:

One is the Suresafe alarm system and the other is the Ring Video Doorbell and Security camera.  I will talk about the alarm system in next week’s blog. Today I am concentrating on the Ring doorbell and camera.

ring-doorbell-satin-nickel-bc4fcf1662bda5354f873d9517df159c stickup-4b4a11a69adf90a05a16c45a4e38ed8f

With these devices you can see, hear and speak with visitors even when you are not at home! The doorbell simply connects to your Wi-Fi network and from your smart phone via the free Ring App, it allows you to see who comes to your door even when you’re not at home.  The device has a wide angle video, night vision, cloud recording and you are able to speak with the person at the door via the built in speakers.   The doorbell can be run off battery or connected to the existing doorbell wiring and if stolen it will be replaced free of charge!

As well as the doorbell, a security camera can also be purchased that provides a ring of security around the house, allowing you to monitor and interact with anyone on your property, no matter where you are. Both devices can help you keep an eye on your home or an older relative’s home and prevent unwanted callers from gaining entry.

For more information visit and watch their video.

And if you do decide to purchase the device,  use the promo code of CPSTRUST and you will get a £20 discount off the price of £159 for each device.


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Nationwide Building Society



We were delighted to hear that Nationwide Building Society customers have nominated The Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme, CPS Trust to feature in their Community Match programme in branch.

Community Match is their in-branch, local charity voting scheme. Each quarter, branches feature three local charities/causes from customer nominations – but only one can win in that area. Customers are  invited to vote for a winner with a blue token, issued in branch. Shortlisted causes receive a £100 donation. Winning causes, that receive the most votes at the end of the voting campaign, receive an additional £500.

From this week, a poster will be displayed in the Community Match stand in the following Nationwide branches: March, Peterborough, Wisbech and Whittlesey

At the end of the voting period, the voting results from the above branches will be added up to calculate a winner.  Voting will begin on 1 November and end on 30 December 2016.

If you are a Nationwide customer, please do go into one of the above stores before 30th December and vote for us  – £100 is great, but £600 is even better and will help us help more vulnerable people!

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Darker nights are here!

With the clocks going back this weekend, the nights unfortunately will be getting darker much earlier. I know the question as to why we have to change the clocks has been raised many times, but for myself, I do wonder why – I much prefer lighter evenings and hate the thought of going home from work in the dark!

We also have upon us Halloween, Bonfire night and how many days is it before Christmas?  It does mean that more people are going out to various events and shopping and leaving their house  unoccupied.  Do take some simple precautions to protect your home, because burglars will use these opportunities to “shop” for their Christmas presents at your expense!!

  • ensure your home is well lit at all times, by using timer switches inside and external lighting outside
  • always lock your doors and windows
  • set alarms
  • keep valuables out of view and register them on

Please take care and have a crime free lead up to Christmas!

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Feedback Friday

Continuing our work with domestic abuse victims, from the feedback we receive, we know that we can make a positive difference to their lives – and their children’s.

Some of the feedback we have had over the last few weeks have included:

I feel a lot safer knowing that he can no longer access my home as he had a key. I was physically assaulted in my home and have been very scared about him returning. Thank you”

Before the scheme came to my property, I was so terrified to even leave my house or sleep due to post experiences with my partner. Now having the safety measures in place I feel such a relief and feel I can now live in my property without the anxiety and fear, or not knowing if somebody is entering my property”

Having the locks changed and alarms put up I feel very safe. Now I can go out knowing that I don’t have to come home worried that my ex might have got in with the keys he had for the front door. I can sleep in peace now. Thank you so much”

And from a police officer:

I had cause to ask for the service of the Bobby Scheme  for a victim whose ex partner was due out of prison soon, having been sentenced for an ABH on her. I required additional security for her peace of mind and safety. They were very fast in responding and Steve was able to squeeze the appointment in at short notice. Once he had assessed the house for security, he was able to fit window alarms to the front and back of the house, a mirror for additional front door security and a personal attack alarm. I know that the victim felt really reassured. The additional security and peace of mind that the Bobby Scheme provides is of great value to victims”

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Media attention!

We have had quite a bit of media attention this week!  Not my cup to tea but if it does help promote the work we do and help with attracting funding, then I suppose you have to grin, bear it and go with the flow!

The BBC were putting together a feature about domestic abuse and wanted to know what we do as a charity to support victims.  Radio Cambridgeshire came to interview myself and Jeff and today it was BBC Look East!  I think I  prefer having a face for radio rather than TV!  Neither if I could help it though!  I think Jeff will now be our media spokesperson as he was a natural!

We have been securing the homes of victims of domestic abuse for over 3 years now and the demand for our service in this area increases year by year.  Last year we secured the homes of nearly 300 homes.  We know we do make a real positive difference to the victims and their childrens lives and help them feel safer and more secure and it also enables them to remain in their own home surrounded by family and friends, rather than go into refuge or emergency accommodation.

Funding is a major problem as it cost is over £50,000 last year to support our work with domestic abuse victims. The big question is, how we can support and sustain this critical work without additional funding!

Well – BBC Look East did feature a piece about domestic abuse on Wednesday evening. It mainly concentrated upon panic rooms in Northamptonshire and the piece about the Bobby Scheme was only a very small snapshot – they cut the main part of the interview which was a shame!  However, Radio Cambridgeshire did broadcast a more lengthy interview on the Dottie McLeod show.  If interested you can still hear it for the next 29 days, if you go onto I- Player – its dated 12/10/2016, Dottie McLeod show and broadcast just after 7am.

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