How well do you know your neighbours?

This Friday, 23 May, is World Neighbours Day and could be an opportunity to make new friends and give them a helping hand if they need it.
According to a recent survey, more than a third of us wouldn’t recognise their neighbours if they passed them on the street. On a more positive note, almost two thirds said they would like to get to know their neighbours and feel part of the community.
As an elderly or vulnerable person in the community, it can be difficult not knowing who in the community is there to look out for you and who is not local to the area.
World Neighbours Day is a great opportunity to focus on your local community – get to know who lives down the road,  in the cul de sac or out the back, and it’s lots more eyes keeping you safe in your home.
Organisations such as Neighbourhood Watch, operate in a lot of communities in Cambridgeshire, aimed at making sure no one feels alone, frightened or isolated in their own home – looking out for each other and creating safe and friendly communities.
So why not get to know someone in your community on World Neighbours Day?  If you’re in a Neighbourhood Watch area, why not join them or if not, why not become a coordinaor and bring peoole together to keep everyone in your community that little bit safer?
For information go to Neighbourhood Watch.
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