June Monthly Update

June was a very busy and successful month for the Bobby Scheme.

Steve and Jeff visited and secured the homes of 26 victims of crime who were 60 years of age and older and 31 non-victims over 65 years of age. Of the victims, 8 were aged 80 years and over and 7 aged 70 years and over. Of the non- victims, 13 were over 80 years and 11 over 70. Location – 13 of the victims lived in Peterborough. Steve and Jeff also secured the homes of 17 domestic abuse victims.

As well as securing homes we give talks to interested groups to raise awareness of the charity so that as many people get to know what we do and can benefit from our service. This month we have given talks to a Carers Support group in Hartford, Willingham Parish Council annual meeting, Milton Ladies group, Alconbury Thursday Club and Friends of Warboys Library group. Jeff also attended a conference about scams in Peterborough.

We held our second golf charity day on June 13th at St Ives [ Hunts] Golf Club. 72 players took part and because of their support and generosity, we raised an amazing £2187.67 to help us continue our work. Our next golf day will be held on Friday 12th June 2015 at St Ives.

As a small local charity we are continually seeking funding. Our work with domestic abuse victims of crime has been boosted by additional funding from the Ministry of Justice which was bid for by the Office of the Cambridgeshire Police Commissioner. We were delighted to receive £36,000 which will enable us to support more victims cope with and recover from the impact of domestic abuse.

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