What can you do to put off burglars?

An elderly lady living on her own heard what she thought was someone trying to get in her front door during the night.  She got out of bed, went to the door and when she returned to her bedroom two men were there.  They had entered through an unlocked open window.  They searched the house and left by opening the front door. The lady was left bruised and very frightened.

We visited, fitted window locks, alarms and chains on the doors.

After the incident, all the houses in the same street rang the scheme and asked us to visit and make their homes more secure.  Two weeks later one of the homeowners heard one of her window alarms go off in the night.  She called the police – they found only footprints on the garden near to the window – the alarm had frightened the burglary away!

Crime Prevention Tip:   As well as window alarms, consider fitting window restrictors

Why is lighting important?  See our next blog

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