Purse thefts

Recently we have had a spate of referrals of victims who have had their purse or wallet stolen whilst out shopping. One lady had her purse taken from her shopping bag in a charity shop, another from her shopping trolley after she had withdrawn cash out, and another who had his wallet taken from his jacket pocket. All these victims had been distracted and their attention diverted.

Now we are approaching Christmas, shopping centres will be even busier than normal please do be careful:
– only take with you what you need – do not carry large amounts of money and only take the cards you need for your trip.
– keep your bag closed and close to you with the opening towards the body if possible
– always put your purse away before you leave the till or cash machine
– keep the cash secure and out of sight
– always be alert and be aware of people around you at all times

Please do enjoy your shopping trip, but don’t give a thief an early Christmas present!

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