Monthly Update for November

Only 3 weeks before Christmas! I put out a message about purse thefts in the shopping centres two weeks ago – do read it again as we are still getting reports of theft of handbags, wallets and purses. Please be careful when out shopping for Christmas. It should be a very happy time, but having your purse or handbag stolen could ruin what should be, the festive season!

We have had 134 referrals this month. Both Steve and Jeff visited and secured the homes of 73 people, 38 of these were victims of crime. We also visited and secured the homes of 20 domestic abuse victims.

Steve gave talks to the Sheltered Schemes Resident Association in Cambridge and Camsight Fulbourne
As a small team of 4, we meet together twice a month to discuss work, identify best practice and look at ways of improving what we do. This month we had a visit from Mandy from Age UK Peterborough, who gave us a very interesting talk about Dementia. The Bobby Scheme is now Dementia Friendly!

We have produced a promotional video. It shows a visit to a home where the homeowners were victims of burglary and what we do to make the home more secure. We are hoping to get this onto our website.

I have been applying for funding, as usual, to enable us to continue to provide a service. But as we approach Christmas and more and more people shop online, please consider shopping via It’s so easy and for every purchase from the thousands of retailers, a percentage will go to our charity.

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