Are you up for a challenge?

Could you do something amazing to support a local charity in 2015?

Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme is a small local charity that relies on community support to fund its continued service.
The only service of its kind in the county, it provides a free, immediate response in safeguarding vulnerable residents and assisting them in their right to feel safe within their own homes, following a burglary, theft or domestic incident.
Since the charity started in 2001, it has helped improve the security of over 22,000 people, but this service costs us £125 to work at each homes and we don’t charge victims a penny.

Over the next year we wish to maintain our existing work with both elderly and vulnerable victims, as well as domestic abuse victims. But we also want to extend our work by intervening more proactively, preventing crimes from occurring and increasing our service to non-victims, to develop proactive initiatives with hard to reach communities and extend our service to them and to increase peoples’ independence and allow them to stay in their own homes by installing key safes.

Every donation we receive is used to help the vulnerable feel safer in their own home – being such a small charity, our overheads are extremely low.
While we are a small team of four, we all joined the charity because we are passionate about the difference we can make and the tremendous impact it has on vulnerable peoples’ lives. All funds we hope you can help us raise will make a real difference to someone’s life!
Funding raised last year helped over 400 elderly victims, over 200 domestic abuse victims as well as over 500 people at risk of becoming victims.

One elderly victim we helped was so traumatised after the incident she was unable to sleep. She said: “After the burglary, for many nights I was imagining hearing noises and coming downstairs to check. As a result I was very tired. Your visit has given me such peace of mind and I now feel so much safer and secure.”

We all know someone elderly or vulnerable, so we ask you to please consider fundraising for the Cambridgeshire Bobby Scheme this year, in whatever way you enjoy, to help us keep one more person safe and secure in their home.

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