Don’t be the next victim of purse theft

Be aware when out shopping or in car parks of people approaching you to ask a question, either they or another maybe diverting your attention. Purse theft is becoming a regular occurrance so keep your bag to the front of your body. Don’t keep your bank cards and cash in the same purse. Be aware also of anyone who is making bodily contact with you as this can be another way of distracting you whilst they remove your valuables from your bag.
Over the last week we have had 9 referrals of older ladies who have been the victim of purse theft from their handbags whilst out shopping.
4 have been asked for change whilst in a public carpark or in the street, they have opened their purse and had their credit card taken which has then been used to obtain cash, another was pushed whilst in a shop and then asked a question to distract them. Others have had their purses taken without realising they have been removed until they need them for their next purchase. One lady was asked for help by a male to reach an item from the top shelf in a supermarket and whilst doing so her purse was removed by another.

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