Feedback Friday

As a small charity we do not have the funds to pay for expensive advertising and marketing. We would prefer any funding we receive to go directly towards supporting vulnerable people, by helping them improve the security of their home. We do, however, want people to know about us and therefore will advertise in any free publications such as parish /village newsletters and other media outlets. We also give talks to any interested groups. Many people also hear about us from word of mouth – from neighbours, friends or relatives.
These are the comments we have received from people we have visited who had never heard about us before the visit:

” It’s wonderful. I am so grateful for all the help, advice and equipment. Steve was incredible. It is a brilliant scheme that I had never heard of – such a comfort as well as the practical help. Thank you again”

“This is the first I have heard of the Bobby Scheme and I am amazed at the wonderful service. You were excellent and very helpful”

“Excellent. I didn’t know you existed. I had no idea how vulnerable I was – thank you so much to the person who came to help me”

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