Purse theft

We visited a lady who had been a victim of a purse snatch from the city centre. She was out shopping when someone pushed past her, grabbed her purse and ran off.  As well as the distress of losing her purse and its contents, she was also very concerned about the security of her house as her address details were written in the purse.

We fitted window and door alarms, door chain, spy hole and a padlock and bolt to her side gate. We gave her a purse cable to secure it to a handbag and a personal attach alarm.

Crime Prevention Tip:  There are simple precautions you can take:
• Be aware of people around you when out and about
• Carry your bag close to you with the opening facing inwards
• Keep your bag closed so that your purse cannot be seen
• Don’t carry valuables or large sums of money. Spring clean your bag regularly
• Never leave your bag unattended, particularly in shopping trolleys
• Spread your possessions about – carry your keys in your pocket. Never carry PIN numbers with any cards
• Don’t place your wallet in a back trouser pocket

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