Wedding Plans!

It’s my daughter’s wedding this week so I shall be away from the office – probably tearing my hair out and getting stressed, but hopefully planning for a beautiful, memorable day.  It will be the culmination of much planning but I will be immensely proud of my daughter as she walks down the church aisle with her father and I expect I will shed a tear or two!

Even at weddings or other festive occasions it is still important to follow some simple advice to reduce the opportunities for burglars.

  • Intruder alarms are a good deterrent but remember to set it when leaving the house
  • Close and lock all accessible doors and windows when going out
  • Use timer switches linked to lights or a radio as this will help make the house seem occupied
  • A small safe fixed to a solid surface will protect valuables.
  • Property mark valuables and take photographs of jewellery.

I shall be back to work the following week – penniless [ aren’t weddings VERY expensive!!] but happy!

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