September Update

It has been holiday season this month with both Susan and Jeff on holiday for a week so Steve and I have been holding the reins!

We have had problems with Jeff’s van with the clutch and gears. Our two vans are crucial to the charity as without them we would not be able to visit and secure peoples’ homes. Unfortunately both vans have done a lot of miles and they will need replacing soon.

We had 107 referrals this month. Steve and Jeff have visited and secured the homes of 92 older residents, of these 49 were victims of crime. We also visited and secured the homes of 39 victims of domestic abuse.

Jeff gave talks to St Oswalds Ladies Guild and Steve to Meldreth WI. He also attended a Carers meeting in Cambridge and a Scam conference.   I attended a meeting with the Police and Crime Commissioner to give an update of the work we have done this year and what our future plans are.  We also had a Trustee meeting.

We received donations from Cambridgeshire Freemasons, The Pye Foundation, Waitrose Peterborough which we were extremely grateful for. We do so appreciate these donations as without them, the charity could not continue its work.

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