Despicable Distraction Thefts

We have had a number of referrals recently of victims who have had their bank cards stolen from their handbags that are in the car in  supermarket car parks.  One lady was distracted by a man coming over to her car saying he had lost his puppy and could she help look for it. While she was engaged in conversation with the man she heard her car door closed, turned round to see another person running away with her bank card.  On another occasion the victim was sitting in her car when a female came up asking for directions. She got out of the car and again heard her car door close and saw a man running off with her bank card.   Another victim was approached by a man asking for the prices for the car park, and another offering to help fix her car.

On all these occasions, money was taken from the victims’ bank accounts very soon after the thefts.  The offenders must have watched the victims type in their pin numbers when paying for their goods inside the supermarket, followed them to the car and stolen their bank cards – despicable!!

Please, please do be very careful when using your bank cards and ensure no one is near you watching you enter your pin number.  Also ensure your handbag is with you at all times – don’t leave it on the passenger seat – especially if you get out of the car, and be mindful of people who may approach you to possibly distract you.

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