Cashpoint Machines

We have had a number of referrals recently of people who have been victims of thefts at cashpoint machines.  In one instance the offenders followed the victims home, stole their bank card and withdrew a large amount of cash.  In another the offenders tried to grab the money from the victim just as he had withdrawn it from the machine.

We would please ask you to be vigilant and careful when withdrawing cash from a machine. These offenders can use different methods from using cameras to distraction techniques.

  • be careful of people behind you, and cover the keypad with your hand
  • don’t get distracted – thieves often use a variety of distraction techniques to try and divert your attention away from the cash machine so that an accomplice can take your card
  • protect your PIN; cover the keypad with your hand
  • check the cashpoint machine before you use it. Please do look out for anything out of place, and any signs of tampering, especially above the keypad and around the card slot where glue or sticky residue may be present

If you suspect the machine has been tampered or you have been a victim report it to the police on 101 and notify your bank immediately.




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