Feedback Friday

I have been away for a few days holiday – to Reykjavik in Iceland.  Iceland has a relatively low crime rate – probably due to the fact that it’s too cold to go out at night to commit a crime!!  We were there for just 4 days and we had all the four seasons – rain, snow, sun and wind. One of their sayings is  “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”. It’s so true!  It may have been cold but the scenery was spectacular – famous places we visited were the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle.

But I am digressing – my main purpose for the blog is to give you some of the fantastic feedback we continue to receive – and love to receive!  this us just a small selection …….

” this is a marvellous scheme. We received very good and reassuring advice. We are so grateful for the items fitted. The scheme should be available nationally to older people”

“Absolutely brilliant! It will make a big difference to not only my security but to my sense of security.”

“The Bobby Scheme is an excellent service. It is informative and has given me peace of mind and has made me feel so  much safer. It has also given me information on the huge amount of devices available on the market to make your home more secure”


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