A day out with Jeff

Annie, as part of her initial training is required to do a community engagement strand.  She wanted to know more about the work of the Bobby Scheme and how we help victims of crime.  For two days last week she went out with Jeff to see exactly what we do.  This is what she said ……

I am trainee police officer and spent two days with the Bobby Scheme to learn about organisations that work with the police to help members of the public. Whilst out with the Bobby Scheme I was able to see the security measures that can be added to homes, particularly after a burglary, to make homes more secure. I also heard about the security advice offered by the Bobby Scheme to further secure your home and make you safer. The main thing I learnt was to be proactive with your security, rather than wait for a crime to occur! It is better to be over prepared and have everything in place which may put off a potential burglar than not to have the measures in place and to become a victim. The Bobby Scheme also offers security advice and fitting of security measures for people over 65, who have not been victims of crime, for a small donation to the charity.


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