Stuart Allen Memorial Match

I wrote a blog 2 weeks ago about the Stuart Allen memorial match between the Peterborough Predators and the MK Rumbles that was being held on Saturday 18th June at the Planet Ice Ring in Bretton.

We had a great time at the match. Never having seen an ice hockey match before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  And I haven’t been to an ice ring since my children were young!  I’m not a skater and much prefer to keep my two feet firmly on the ground.  You definitely need to be suitably dressed as a spectator – it may have been warm outside, but it was quite chilly watching for an hour!  When we arrived we were greeted by Richard Allen and he explained what the evening entailed.  Inside in the foyer, a table was laden with lots of raffle prizes and people purchasing tickets.

I was asked to throw in the puck to start the game – at least I didn’t have to walk to far on the ice!  Richard led his team out as captain – although there are only 6 players on at one time, in the “dug out” [ is that what it is called?] there were at least another 10 players from each team waiting their turn to go on the ice. I don’t understand the rules but the players changed quite frequently – I’m not at all surprised because it does look extremely exhausting as they move so quickly up and down the ice ring all in their bulky kit – they all look like Michelin men!!  But you can understand why they have to wear so much padding – all those falls and knocking/ pushing each other!  I have to say, it does look very dangerous!!

After 3 thirds of 20  minutes each, the Predators won by 10 goals to 5 – they were definitely the worthy winners!!  Miss Peterborough was there to present the prizes for the best players and the shield to the winning team.

We had a brilliant evening and cant thank Richard and his family enough for choosing the Bobby Scheme as their charity for this year’s match.  I don’t know yet what the final figure is but there was also an auction to be held as well as the raffle.  But there were many people at the match, all there to give their support and remember Stuart – because that’s what it was all about – remembering a great son who loved playing ice hockey and was loved and will always be missed by many.

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