Why do things happen all at once!

Last week was a bad week personally speaking!  It started with a raging toothache, had an emergency appointment at my dentist  – antibiotics,  followed at the end of the week with the dentist taking the tooth out!  This is the point where I have to confess, that I am terrified of the dentist chair – even just for check ups, so having my first tooth out – I was not in a good state of mind!!

Then on Friday morning while at work,  my neighbour rang to say my mother had fallen down.  The ambulance had been called – and to cut a long story short – she has broken her hip!

So why am I talking about these two incidents – the first one is totally irrelevant to the work we do- apart from my colleagues having to put up with me in not a brilliant mood!

The second is relevant and allows me to focus on other areas of work we do.  Safety in the home is more than fitting security products, it’s also about falls prevention, fire safety, keeping warm, etc – all measures to ensure people remain in their own home and live independently.  The Bobby Scheme will carry out a home fire safety check at every visit and they will give advice about basic precautions to help people keep safe. They will also, with the homeowners permission, refer to other agencies such as Age UK, Care Network and others, if other needs are identified that they cannot help with.  We also fit key safes which will allow carers to access the home more easily and stop people leaving their door unlocked or hiding the key under the door mat!

I now have to decide what measures to put in place for when my mother returns to her home. She will probably want a key safe – I know where to go for one of those!  I also am considering a personal alarm, such as Suresafe family and friends which when pressed will contact chosen numbers.  Things to consider …….

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