New Van

We have finally replaced one of our two vans for a new Ford transit Connect. Both Steve and Jeff travel quite a few miles across Cambridgeshire visiting homes and carrying out security checks.  We have been wanting to replace the vans for quite a while but something called funding has always got in the way!  But it was time to bite the bullet as Steve’s van was now nearly 10 years old with over 100,000 mileage on the clock.  Without the vans we can’t provide a service and we would not exist. The vans, therefore have to be totally reliable.

The Constabulary helped us source the new van which arrived on Monday.  We were very grateful for their help. 20160726_130404 Bobby van new july 2016 Yesterday UVL [ United Van Liners] came and fitted the ply lining and racking inside the van and added the signage to the outside.  We were very impressed with their service and as you can see the van looks very smart!

Do keep an eye out for the van as Steve will be driving the van around Cambridge City, South and East Cambridgeshire and St Neots.

We now need to replace Jeff’s van so if anyone knows any company that would like to help us purchase one for him, please do get in touch on 01480 413311.

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