Community Engagement Experience

I am a Police Officer currently undergoing the initial training course to join Cambridgeshire Constabulary. As part of our course we are asked to book a community engagement experience within the areas where we will working to aid our understanding of different support networks that are available to people living and working in our county. I organised my engagement with The Bobby Scheme, and I spent 3 days travelling with Steve as he visited peoples’ houses and assisted with their various concerns and needs in relation to being victims of crime, wanting to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime in the future, or supporting vulnerable people who live within our community. Throughout the 3 days I spent with Steve I was able to expand upon my own personal knowledge of the Scheme, and began to understand how I would be able to work with the Scheme and also how to refer people I had concerns about in my future as a PC. I witnessed first-hand the levels of support that can be provided by its representatives like Steve. Together we visited residents where we installed or replaced window alarms and door chains in order to provide a peace of mind for the people we met, as well as offering reassurance by talking through their concerns or worries, and the options that the Scheme can offer to try and resolve those concerns. We also visited homes in support of Age UK, where we installed key safes to help assist carers with access to properties; as well as victims of Domestic Violence where the Scheme provide peace of mind by supporting those people by improving security measures and offering advice about personal and property safety.

Overall I just want to say Thank You to the team at The Bobby Scheme for allowing me to witness first-hand the amazing support you provide and the difference it makes to peoples’ lives.


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