Media attention!

We have had quite a bit of media attention this week!  Not my cup to tea but if it does help promote the work we do and help with attracting funding, then I suppose you have to grin, bear it and go with the flow!

The BBC were putting together a feature about domestic abuse and wanted to know what we do as a charity to support victims.  Radio Cambridgeshire came to interview myself and Jeff and today it was BBC Look East!  I think I  prefer having a face for radio rather than TV!  Neither if I could help it though!  I think Jeff will now be our media spokesperson as he was a natural!

We have been securing the homes of victims of domestic abuse for over 3 years now and the demand for our service in this area increases year by year.  Last year we secured the homes of nearly 300 homes.  We know we do make a real positive difference to the victims and their childrens lives and help them feel safer and more secure and it also enables them to remain in their own home surrounded by family and friends, rather than go into refuge or emergency accommodation.

Funding is a major problem as it cost is over £50,000 last year to support our work with domestic abuse victims. The big question is, how we can support and sustain this critical work without additional funding!

Well – BBC Look East did feature a piece about domestic abuse on Wednesday evening. It mainly concentrated upon panic rooms in Northamptonshire and the piece about the Bobby Scheme was only a very small snapshot – they cut the main part of the interview which was a shame!  However, Radio Cambridgeshire did broadcast a more lengthy interview on the Dottie McLeod show.  If interested you can still hear it for the next 29 days, if you go onto I- Player – its dated 12/10/2016, Dottie McLeod show and broadcast just after 7am.

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1 Response to Media attention!

  1. Susan Edwards says:

    Thought you both came across really well. Funding is essential for this important work to continue. Please support the project and protect lives across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

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