Feedback Friday

Continuing our work with domestic abuse victims, from the feedback we receive, we know that we can make a positive difference to their lives – and their children’s.

Some of the feedback we have had over the last few weeks have included:

I feel a lot safer knowing that he can no longer access my home as he had a key. I was physically assaulted in my home and have been very scared about him returning. Thank you”

Before the scheme came to my property, I was so terrified to even leave my house or sleep due to post experiences with my partner. Now having the safety measures in place I feel such a relief and feel I can now live in my property without the anxiety and fear, or not knowing if somebody is entering my property”

Having the locks changed and alarms put up I feel very safe. Now I can go out knowing that I don’t have to come home worried that my ex might have got in with the keys he had for the front door. I can sleep in peace now. Thank you so much”

And from a police officer:

I had cause to ask for the service of the Bobby Scheme  for a victim whose ex partner was due out of prison soon, having been sentenced for an ABH on her. I required additional security for her peace of mind and safety. They were very fast in responding and Steve was able to squeeze the appointment in at short notice. Once he had assessed the house for security, he was able to fit window alarms to the front and back of the house, a mirror for additional front door security and a personal attack alarm. I know that the victim felt really reassured. The additional security and peace of mind that the Bobby Scheme provides is of great value to victims”

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