Community Engagement experience

I had the privilege of working with the bobby scheme in early November for two days as a probationer Police Constable. Admittedly I did not know much about the service they provided to the community, they had been briefly mentioned in our burglary lessons but I was not completely sure of the actual practical service they provided.  I was burgled the beginning of this year myself. I found it very hard to cope with initially. All the usual questions run through your head: “Why me?” “Am I safe in my own house?” and above everything else “What if they come back?” The decision to work with the Bobby Scheme was always a personal one. I wanted to see what could be done to help the most vulnerable members of society when they are faced with the same devastation and the same questions themselves.

I met the whole team on my first day and they were all very friendly and welcoming. I was fortunate enough to be crewed with Jeff Turner, who had a great way with people and instantly made me feel part of the team. He was very keen to get me involved with the people whose properties we visited, be that just talking to them or helping install alarms. It was so uplifting to see how even something so relatively small as a few window alarms and a door chain can make such a difference to people and how comfortable they feel in their own home. It meant a lot to me to be part of that experience for someone and I felt incredibly privileged to be there fulfilling that service to our community. I really felt like I was making a difference to someone’s life. Their partnership with Cambridgeshire Fire Service is a brilliant example of successful partner-agency collaboration. Testing smoke alarms and fitting replacements may not initially seem to fit the purpose of the Bobby Scheme, but it’s another shining example of the way The Bobby Scheme has the safety and the assurance of the public at the forefront of every service they provide.

The Bobby Scheme is an amazing service run by genuine, caring people. It was a very valuable experience and I felt like I had learnt a lot. It is very easy to be caught up in the investigation of a crime and catching the perpetrators, but giving the victim assurance and security in their own home is equally, if not more important. Unfortunately, it can easily be overlooked. By the time I had finished my placement I was not only better informed, but confident that services and organisations were there for people that needed it the most.

I was left with assurance that if I ever encountered a vulnerable member of the public that needed security advice and assistance, I could refer them to The Bobby Scheme and be completely confident they would be in great hands.

Thank you Louise for the lovely feedback! We are so pleased you enjoyed the two days out with Jeff.  Please do remember us when you are out and about and promote our service whenever possible.


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