Feedback Friday

We often have police officers who are on their training go out on visits with Steve and Jeff as part of their community placement experience.   Many have heard very little about the scheme so its good for them get a taste of the work we do and the impact we have on victims’s lives.  This is the feedback from two officers who went out with the boys last week:

“I went out with Steve from the Bobby Scheme last week for my community engagement during my police training. I had a small awareness when I first went out with Steve but after two days with him I left with a large amount of knowledge and passion for the Bobby Scheme. It is an amazing charity that focuses solely on helping people and making people feel safe in their own homes. Steve is extremely passionate about his job and this portrays with every job he deals with. The feedback from both victims and self-referred individuals was so positive and it really does show the change this scheme makes to their life.

I really enjoyed my time out with the Bobby Scheme and cannot wait to tell others about what the scheme can provide them.     Thank you for having me!”  Alex

 I feel that the service the Bobby Scheme offers for victims and members of the public is very beneficial. It was good to learn and to see how the bobbies secure victims homes and to see the deterrents that they can use to help prevent crime. They also offer a lot of safety and fire advice and reassurance which makes such a difference to those who need it to make them feel safer in their own homes.”      Milly



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