Feedback Friday

How can we get message across about our work?

One of our beneficiaries that we visited recently commented that “this scheme should be more widely known about”  The lady thought the service and advice we gave her was excellent and she now felt more confident about living alone.  But she obviously had not heard about us before we visited!

Her comment was valid – we do try but yes do need to make more people who could benefit from our charity aware of our work across the county.   We don’t have a marketing budget and cannot advertise in local newspapers/magazines or use marketing companies to promote our work.  We do however, have an extensive network of other organisations in the county who know what we do and refer to us. We also give talks to interested groups and attend local community events, place articles in local newsletters.   We have even just set up the scheme on Facebook!  But what we rely upon most is, word of mouth – people who we have visited recommending us and telling their friends, relatives, neighbours.

But if you know of a better way of promoting us, please do let us know – we would be very interested to hear from you!

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