Beds Bobby Scheme

There are to my knowledge only 3-4 more Bobby Schemes operating in the country – Bedfordshire being one. Because of our close proximity, we invited their team to visit us to meet each other and share good practice. Martin, their Manager, Janet the Co-ordinator, and Steve and John the two Security Advisors, travelled from their base in Kempston, Bedfordshire last week to our office in Yaxley.  We had a very interesting and useful meeting, sharing what we do best, what products we fit, our referral process, training and funding.  We are very similar in our set up and procedures, both supporting elderly victims of crime and domestic abuse victims.  Their scheme does have a very healthy budget, largely obtained from local businesses supporting their work – food for thought!!

After a good 2 hours discussing our work we finished a very useful and informative session by Martin treating us to lunch at the Farmers pub!  What nice people!!

We are hoping to get together every 6 months or so to continue learning from each other so that we both are able to provide a valuable service to vulnerable people in neighbouring counties!

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