Expectant news!

Easter is now over and summer will soon be upon us – hopefully it will bring some lovely sunny, warm weather as well!  I am also waiting eagerly and excitedly for two deliveries in the next few weeks – my daughter is expecting next week and my daughter-in-law in 5 weeks time! My first grandchildren!  I can’t wait!!

Why am I talking about babies I hear you ask and what have they to do with crime and crime prevention!  I’ve just listened to a feature on the use of social media and how vulnerable children can be to it. It has made me think about my two innocent grandchildren to be and soon to be brought into the world we live in. Raising two children  isn’t going to be easy  – the world can be a cruel and dangerous place to live – bullying, cyber crime, drugs, knife crime, to name but a few!   Fortunately crime in Cambridgeshire is low.  However, children do still need to be careful and taught about crime prevention and how to stay safe. Crime and victimisation will possibly happen around them – and they need to take simple precautions and have the confidence to talk to professionals in order to protect themselves and stay safe.

Working in the field of crime prevention I do have a good understanding of the dangers that exist but also in how to stay safe.  I shall definitely be using this knowledge to play my part in ensuring my grandchildren are kept as safe as possible but still enjoy what life has to offer them!

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