Bobby Scheme launches new donation page to raise funds

This week the Bobby Scheme has launched a new donation page in a bid to gain some fundraising support.

Our Crowd Funder page aims to raise awareness of the Bobby Schemes work and our ambition to raise funds whilst providing residents and local businesses with a place to easily make donations.

With more donations, we aim to expand our service and provide support to even more people who may benefit from the Bobby Scheme.

Every day, we proactively contact vulnerable victims of crime from across the county to offer free security equipment and safety advice.

Jeff and Steve, our two Security Advisors, work alongside Cambridgeshire Constabulary and mainly help protect the homes of victims who are elderly, disabled or at risk of domestic violence.

Securing a whole house for free typically costs us £150 and so we’re appealing for support from local residents and businesses to help keep our service going.

With more funds, we hope to secure even more homes to help victims of crime restore peace of mind.

Any contribution, no matter how big or small, really can go a long way in helping us protect the homes that need it the most.

Nobody deserves to feel frightened in their own home and that’s exactly why the scheme is so important; we help people feel safe again.

Since launching in 2001 we have secured the homes of more than 25,000 vulnerable burglary victims throughout the county and are proud to hold a repeat victimisation rate of less than 1%.

Any donation made via our Crowd Funder page will be so gratefully received and those contributing will receive some fantastic prizes as a token of our appreciation. Visit our Crowd Funder page to see what you could get –




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