A sad day!

It’s a sad day for Susan, Steve and myself and for the charity – Jeff is moving on and it’s his last day today!

Jeff has been with us for three and a half years and has been an extremely valuable member of the team.  He has visited and helped so many vulnerable victims of crime and those who feel at risk and I know I speak on behalf of all those he has helped, he has made a tremendous positive  difference to their lives, helping them to feel safer, more reassured and given them peace of mind.

Jeff will be missed not only by the three of us, but also by all the staff from the many agencies he has worked with – there are too many to name!

Jeff has been an incredible member of the team, very dedicated and committed to his work. But he has also been a fantastic friend who will do anything for anyone. Susan and I will miss him coming into the office every morning and making us coffee!! More importantly though, we will miss HIM!

Jeff, we wish you every happiness and success in your new ventures – we know you will succeed at anything you do. We ask only one thing – you MUST  pop in to see us whenever you get the opportunity!  And we will make the coffee!!!

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