Speed dating – no – speed networking!


I attended the B2B event last week held at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough that was organised by the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce. The event brought many local businesses together to promote their products and make new connections.

As well as visiting many of the stands and talking to local businesses about the Bobby Scheme, I also attended their speed networking session. I have only ever heard of speed dating and never taken part in these – honestly!  So it was a totally new experience and something I wished I had prepared beforehand! I sat down in my seat and the lady next to me had come with bottles of water, packets of mints and business cards.  She had done this before! I sat facing another lady when the bell rang – both of us had one minute each to talk about our organisation. The bell rang again, we swopped business cards and I moved to the next seat and it all began again.

After half an hour repeating myself many times and talking fast I started to lose my voice and I realised why the bottles of water and mints are a necessity! After receiving a glass of water from one of the organisers my voice returned.  After an hour the bell rang to end the session. Phew!!!!!! I was exhausted from both listening and talking.  But what an excellent way to promote your organisation to many other people in such a  short space of time.  I will definitely do this again but make sure I’m better prepared!


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