Clocks changing – don’t get caught out!

With the clocks going back this weekend, the nights unfortunately will be getting darker much earlier. Why we have to change the time I really don’t know – I much prefer lighter evenings.

We also have upon us Halloween, Bonfire night and how many days is it before Christmas?  It does mean that more people are going out to various events and shopping and leaving their house  unoccupied.  There are others who do not wish to have “trick or treaters” coming to their doors.  If going out with children do only knock at houses where you know you will be welcome.  The Police have created a poster displaying a “no trick or treating” notice which can be downloaded from their website

Do take some simple precautions to protect your home, because burglars will use these opportunities to “shop” for their Christmas presents at your expense!!

  • ensure your home is well lit at all times, by using timer switches inside and external lighting outside
  • always lock your doors and windows
  • set alarms
  • keep valuables out of view and register them on

Please take care and have a crime free lead up to Christmas!

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