Our Bobbies not only fit security equipment to the homes of the elderly but also give safety advice which helps victims feel safe in their own homes again. We offer the same service to non-victims for a small donation.

The charity was set up to improve the quality of life, increased independence and safety of older, vulnerable and disabled residents in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough by:

  • Reducing burglary
  • Reducing repeat victimisation
  • Reducing fear of crime
  • Increasing feelings of safety and providing peace of mind

1 Response to Home

  1. Mrs Norma Head says:

    This is my New Year Resolution……..As I age I seem to becoming more nervous of an intruder choosing my home. This may just be my perception, but there seems to be an increase in house crimes as people get more desperate for money for their various requirements. So I am asking if you can direct me to a company or body that would call and give me some advice on making my home more secure with something like an alarm/ video system etc. Your scheme has installed window buzzers and door chains but I feel I now need something more.
    Thanking you in advance for your reply

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