Local Charities Day

Local Charities Day is today, Friday 15th December. The day highlights the work of small charities that are making remarkable differences in their local communities.

I welcome the chance to shout from the roof top about the Bobby Scheme, and the fantastic charity it is.  It has made a tremendous positive impact on the lives of over 1400 vulnerable adults last year. We could not have achieved this with out some special people – my brilliant team of Susan, Steve and Andy [ and Jeff before he moved to pastures new in August] ; all those organisations that we have worked with during the year ; all our funders who have generously supported us with funding ; and of course, all the people who we have visited and for their very kind donations so that we can maintain our work.

A BIG THANK YOU to you all!

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Please be vigilant!

We are all very busy this time of year, rushing around Christmas shopping, we sometimes forget to continue to be vigilant and aware of other people around us.  We unfortunately are still getting referrals for victims who have had their bags or purses stolen from supermarket car parks and shops. It is understandable that we are concentrating on our shopping, for example selecting cards from card shops or putting provisions into boots of cars, we don’t notice when someone is nearby or has just brushed past us.  But these criminals are good at what they do, often working in groups, one distracting while the other steals your property.

Please, please do be vigilant at all times, and don’t let these people spoil your Christmas!  You could be their next target!

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Like many charities, we totally rely upon donations and grants to survive and continue providing a service.  For small, local charities like ourselves, it seems even harder to fundraise!

Therefore we are so grateful for every donation we receive from beneficiaries and from others who want to support our charity. It doesn’t matter how small the donation is – every penny counts!  In addition to the donations from people we have visited we have also this month received donations from:

Mary Wilson who makes and sells marmalade/jams/chutneys – Mary sold many jars at the County Neighbourhood Watch meeting

The attendees at the weekly public meeting for worship at Cambridge Jesus Lane Quaker Meeting House.

Thank you all for supporting our work – your support is very much valued and appreciated!

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Trustee week

November 13 – 17th is Trustees’ week and this seems a good time to thank all our Trustees for their continued commitment and support to our charity.

Trustees do make a very valuable contribution to any charity and we mustn’t forget that they are all volunteers and give their time for free. They play an important role making decisions about the work and ensuring charities flourish and move forward.  Across the UK there are over one million Trustees supporting over 196,000 charities.

We have 11 Trustees from the police, criminal justice system and High Sheriffs. We couldn’t do without them and on behalf of my team, would like to thank them for their continued support and dedication.

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Out and about in the dark?

Now that the clocks have gone back and it gets darker much earlier, more of us are returning home in the dark unfortunately!  Bring back Summertime!

If you regularly walk home in the dark, please do consider your safety at all times:

– be aware of your surroundings and look confident

– use well lit busy streets and routes that are familiar to you, avoid short cuts down alley ways etc

– hide any valuables so they are not on view, including mobile phones

– buy a personal attack alarm – they are not expensive – but do not bury it at the bottom of your bag,  have it handy to use if necessary.  They do make a very loud noise when activated and give you a chance to run away.


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Clocks changing – don’t get caught out!

With the clocks going back this weekend, the nights unfortunately will be getting darker much earlier. Why we have to change the time I really don’t know – I much prefer lighter evenings.

We also have upon us Halloween, Bonfire night and how many days is it before Christmas?  It does mean that more people are going out to various events and shopping and leaving their house  unoccupied.  There are others who do not wish to have “trick or treaters” coming to their doors.  If going out with children do only knock at houses where you know you will be welcome.  The Police have created a poster displaying a “no trick or treating” notice which can be downloaded from their website http://www.cambs.police.uk/A-Z/Halloween.aspx.

Do take some simple precautions to protect your home, because burglars will use these opportunities to “shop” for their Christmas presents at your expense!!

  • ensure your home is well lit at all times, by using timer switches inside and external lighting outside
  • always lock your doors and windows
  • set alarms
  • keep valuables out of view and register them on http://www.immobilise.com

Please take care and have a crime free lead up to Christmas!

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Speed dating – no – speed networking!


I attended the B2B event last week held at the Kingsgate Conference Centre in Peterborough that was organised by the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce. The event brought many local businesses together to promote their products and make new connections.

As well as visiting many of the stands and talking to local businesses about the Bobby Scheme, I also attended their speed networking session. I have only ever heard of speed dating and never taken part in these – honestly!  So it was a totally new experience and something I wished I had prepared beforehand! I sat down in my seat and the lady next to me had come with bottles of water, packets of mints and business cards.  She had done this before! I sat facing another lady when the bell rang – both of us had one minute each to talk about our organisation. The bell rang again, we swopped business cards and I moved to the next seat and it all began again.

After half an hour repeating myself many times and talking fast I started to lose my voice and I realised why the bottles of water and mints are a necessity! After receiving a glass of water from one of the organisers my voice returned.  After an hour the bell rang to end the session. Phew!!!!!! I was exhausted from both listening and talking.  But what an excellent way to promote your organisation to many other people in such a  short space of time.  I will definitely do this again but make sure I’m better prepared!


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