Loving the sport!

If you love sport then there is much to look forward to over the next few weeks – tennis finals [ I’m still watching Federer!],  Grand Prix, Test cricket, the World Para athletic championships and the Open golf. What a choice!  But I will repeat what I said last week – don’t get so immersed  watching your favourite sport and forget to secure your home – it’s easily done and to think “it will never happen to me”.  Only last week burglars entered the home via a side door and stole mobile phones and handbag from the kitchen table while the homeowners were in the next room.  Being a victim can happen to anyone!

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Wimbledon fortnight

It’s that time of year when many of us tennis fans become couch potatoes  – of course it’s Wimbledon fortnight!  I love watching Roger Federer play and can’t take my eyes off the TV when he’s on!  We all have our favourite players and probably spend too much time clued to the TV and wishing, like me, that you were actually there on centre court eating strawberries and drinking Pimms!

How easy is it to become so focussed upon the tennis but forget about the security of our home?  Particularly with the hot weather – is your back door open while you are sitting in the lounge watching TV?

Before switching on the TV, please think about the security of your home – do ensure that both front and back doors are locked; keep any valuables out of sight and reach; don’t leave handbags, purses, wallets or keys on the kitchen table. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to run into your house and steal your bag or keys that have been left on view near the open door!

Have a lovely, enjoyable week watching the tennis and I hope your favourite player does well!

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Feedback Friday

Some of the comments we have received in June:

“Fantastic service from the Bobby Scheme. I feel that the issues experienced can now be managed, especially with the alarms and good advice.  This is a great benefit to me and will reduce the stress I’ve felt from the issues”

“Your visit will help me relax and get back to normal. thank you”

“You have been of enormous benefit. I feel looked after and Steve has been both efficient and friendly. Thank you for such a helpful service”

“We now feel much more safer and it has eased our minds. The peace of mind that no-one can get in through our doors or windows easily is wonderful – great job”

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Tragic event

The Grenfell Tower block fire was an absolutely awful, tragic event and the devastation and the loss of lives will haunt me and many people for years and years to come!

We will never forget such a tragic event but it can also remind us about our own safety and what we should be doing to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  We work with the Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and carry out home fire safety checks at every home we visit, fitting smoke alarms where necessary.  But how many people who own  smoke alarms test them regularly?  I know I don’t!  But they should be checked at least every month – it’s simple to do and it could save lives.  Many of us do not live in high rise buildings, but fires can happen anywhere, at any time, and every home should have an alarm fitted on each floor of the house.

I know I will test my alarms more regularly – I hope you will too!

For more information about fire safety visit http://www.cambsfire.gov.uk




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My two Bobbies, Steve and Jeff, work tremendously hard to make the homes of the people they visit more secure and safe – and spend time explaining how the security devices work and what other preventative measures can be taken to feel safer in their own homes and when out and about.  So it can be very frustrating for them when they go back to re-visit a home, only to find that all the window and door alarms have been switched off and the doors left unlocked, despite the home owner fearing that the offender would return and enter the house!  People do have to take responsibility for their own safety.  Most crime prevention measures are common sense and take very little time or effort to implement.  It costs our charity on average £130 to work at each home, so when we see that people are not using our security devices as they were intended to be used, you can imagine how we feel!!

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Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce




We are now members of the Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce and I do hope that over the next 12 months we will find the membership to be an invaluable resource as we continue to raise our charity profile.

I met with Bren Coleman from the Chamber and she explained what the benefits of membership will be. Obviously the more we utilise what is available to us, the more we should be able to benefit from becoming members. It looks to be a very vibrant and active organisation that provides businesses and charities – I didn’t realise charities could become members until now – with the right connections and opportunities to move forward and succeed.

We can promote our charity in their monthly magazine, on their website and at the 5 local chambers networking events, as well as gaining knowledge at various workshops and seminars.

With over 1200 members we hope that there may be some sponsorship opportunities for us.  As a small charity we are continually looking to work in partnership with other organisations and local businesses to enable us to help more vulnerable people across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.  If your business would like to work with us and support our work please do contact us on 01480 413311. We would love to hear from you!

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Feedback from Officer on Community Placement

I am a Police Officer for Cambridgeshire Constabulary, I am currently doing my 16 weeks training.  Part of this is to spend 2 days working within the local community. I decided to choose the Bobby Scheme because, whilst I was a Special Constable I had made several referrals but didn’t have a comprehensive understanding of what the Bobby Scheme did.  I just knew they supported victims of crime, but didn’t really know how.

I spent two days with Steve and it is safe to say his passion and enthusiasm definitely made an impact on me. Steve was really engaging and supportive when we went to visit various victims of crime and the difference we were able to make really shows how amazing this charity is.

The charity is fantastic, it focuses on helping victims, by fittings new locks, door chains, mailboxes, door alarms, window alarms and other security devices.

It is safe to say I will be an advocate of this charity and will recommend its services to victims that I will deal with.


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